Tom Brady has had a very rocky personal life. After having such a rocky personal life, he was still a star on the field. He had never ever brought his personal life into his game. He was and still is a very dedicated player in his own sport. His dedication has paid off really well in his career. His hard work has paid off in all the seasons till now. He is nicknamed as tom terrific with the kind of image he has. He was a terrific player of his time and this is why he has been so popular. He was a quarterback for his team when he was playing American football. He has played for the New England’s Patriots of the NFL (National Football League). Tom Brady was the 12th member of his team during the NFL (National Football League) matches and its various seasons.

He was born on August 3, 1977. He has now retired from playing football at the age of 38 now. He had started playing from the year 2000. Now he has retired after 15 years of playing professional football. He has had an impressive college career all throughout his life. He has had a beautiful history in all the seasons till now. He has played so many seasons till now with a magnificent record of touchdowns as a quarterback. Tom Brady Retires now. He has been termed as a quarterback with the most impressive records till now. Well it has not been confirmed by Tom Brady himself that he retires. But there is a lot of news going around in the sports arena that Tom Brady must retire to punish goodell. It is also said that Tom Brady must retire to punish the entire NFL (National Football League).