Sometimes it is hard to tell if a person is flirting with you or if they are just being nice. It is also extremely embarrassing to assume you are being flirted with when you are not. Here are some great ways to know if somebody is flirting with you.

If the person is constantly smiling at you and laughing at your jokes then they just might be flirting. A great tool that people use to flirt is their smile and humor. Studies show that people are 80 percent more likely to laugh at jokes made by a person that they have a crush on. This is a great way to decipher if somebody is flirting with you. Frequent smiling and laughing can be proof of flirting.


Does the person always compliment you? Constant compliments are another great way to determine if somebody is flirting with you. A person that likes you will usually let it be known in some form. Compliments are a common form of flirtation because it allows the crush to express themselves while also making the other person feel special. If a person is always going out of their way to make you feel good then they are probably flirting.

The last obvious way to tell if a person if flirting with you is if they buy or give you things. Buying gifts and doing nice things is a way that most people flirt. It can range from small gifts to even big gifts depending on how generous the person is.

If you know somebody that is constantly smiling at you, laughing at your jokes, complimenting you often, and gives you things, then this a person that is flirting with you. I also think it is safe to say that this is a person that also likes you!