For the purposes of sending out a positive message to those who are rightly concerned about the ongoing threat and dangers that cyber attacks across the world pose, we are focusing on one service provider for our explanation. Our explanation briefly outlines what one ddos protection service hosting team has achieved to date. Those who have been victims of cyber attacks need to take special note of what we’re highlighting here.

Sharktech founder, Tim Timrawi explains that he and his team fulfilled a need to provide DDoS protection services as far back as the previous millennium. In response, they were able to provide new clients from all business sectors with a bouquet of DDoS filtering IPs and thus fill a niche by pioneering what they define as an affordable DDoS mitigation industry. DDoS, by the way, stands for Distributed Denial of Service.

DDoS does this. It infiltrates operating systems by driving as much traffic therein from multiple sources. How did this protection service agency respond? And how do they continue to respond? How they responded in the beginning was already mentioned. Now years in operation, they remain at the forefront of new hardware and software developments which are specifically designed to deal with the ongoing scourge of cyber attacks.

Service orientation and necessary responses are effective. When a protection system is installed for new clients it is completed within twenty-four hours. Thereafter, the system fully operational and online, network speed is fast and way above the average speed of other networks. On the direct level, technical and administrative staff responds to clients’ requests for service within hours. The nature of this business dictates that all work is done in a time-driven manner.