How to take the perfect selfie

Selfies are everywhere these days, whether on social media or just as a way to remember the moments of everyday life. You’re probably familiar with some of the celebrities who have dominated the art of selfies, but if you’re hesitant to take your own selfie, try some of these tips for your perfect self-portrait.

Most people will try to emulate Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift, not realizing that most celebrities have a team of social media experts to fix up each photo to look absolutely perfect (while still maintaining a casual air). Instead, try your natural smile and be true to who you are. Don’t make silly hand gestures or try and get the perfect pout – you’ll only look like you’re trying too hard.

Similarly, know your angles. Taking a forward facing shot may be easiest while you get the hang of your camera, but for most people this is the least flattering pose available. Practice with test photos and look at yourself in the mirror to find the angles that best complement your features.

The lighting is so important when you’re creating a setting. Try places with lower light to reduce shadows and glares, and always go for natural light when you can to make your skin and hair have natural highlights.

Remember, you won’t take the perfect picture with one shot. Keep snapping away until you find the right one. Emulate your favorite supermodel and try different poses and movements; it will help you figure out your perfect pose, and you’ll likely find that your best photos come from the most natural moments.

Creating the perfect selfie can be easy, no matter where you are. Just remember to act natural and optimize your features with good lighting, and you’ll be on your way to success!